Highest purity THC/THCa ingredients at industrial scale

Protonify products are the perfect foundation for producing consistent Consumer Product Grade (CPG) and Pharmaceutical quality retail products. Our botanical-based THCa/THC infusion ingredients approach 100% purity. They are non-synthetic, odorless, tasteless, and contain no residual solvents or impurities – the purest ingredients in the industry.


Manufactured to customer exact specification

Protonify manufacturers concentrates to our customers specification starting with high purity inputs like THCa. Within a single reaction this material can be modified to API quality THC. As API quality THC is highly viscous many of our customers require concentrates to be manufactured to industry or regional manufacturing standards.
Custom formulation or downstream bulk repackaging and value added manufacturing compliant to the target jurisdiction.
Beverages, Extracts, Dry Tablets, Gel Caps, Syringe, Tincture, Topical, Vape...

Quality Program

Quality, Guaranteed Quality Assured Products through Quality Controlled Production Practices

Protonify's exemplary Quality Management Program, assures our customers that all our products are developed, produced, inspected, packaged and delivered, with strict adherence to Government Regulations and the requirements established by GMP /ISO / HACCP manufacturing standards. Our dedication to the continuous improvement of all our methodologies and practices, will provide our customers comfort in knowing their safety and satisfaction are paramount.