Protonify Corporation is a privately-held Canadian licensed global B2B manufacturer of highest-purity, botanically-derived, CPG-grade cannabinoid isolates. Protonify’s cannabinoids are non-synthetic, odourless, tasteless and approach 100% purity. Available in several formats, including dry powder and nano-encapsulated, they fit seamlessly into traditional CPG formulation recipes, industrial scale production lines and supply chains and are the perfect foundation to enable cannabis product formulators and manufacturers to safely and reliably build brand affinity for consumer packaged goods containing THC and THCa. Manufacturing of Protonify ingredients strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for extracted products, aligning with existing GMP / ISO / HACCP standards and are the foundation for the next generation of Cannabis 3.0 high purity products including Infused pre-rolls, beverages, vapes, edibles, sublingual strips and tablets.

Protonify Team

Andrew Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is CEO and co-Founder of Protonify and has been the driving force in building the Company from concept into a profitable global leader in highest-purity cannabinoid products. An accomplished C-Suite Executive with over 25 years experience operating disruptive companies in Cannabis, High-tech and Consumer products, Andrew’s experience includes delivering multiple successful investments and exits as Executive Vice-President at Wesley Clover International, a firm founded by Sir Terry Matthews. Andrew earned his B.Eng from the University of Victoria and has B.A. in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Keith Merker

Executive Vice President

A key contributor to Protonify’s commercial traction and overall Company strategy, Keith has driven new revenue and brought strong industry profile to the unique cannabinoid products the company offers. Keith is an established entrepreneur, executive and business builder as well as a pioneer in the cannabis industry. Starting in 2014, Keith led early cannabis licensee WeedMD from concept to publicly traded entity with more than 300 employees. Keith runs business consultancy Riptide Advisory and sits on public and private company boards. He earned his B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

David Fisher

Vice President of Operations

A co-founder of Protonify, David oversees manufacturing/operations and continues to innovate with new IP through further R&D work. David invented the provisionally patented process that produces Protonify’s ultra-high purity cannabinoids, uniquely engineered necessary infrastructure to produce the products and built from scratch the manufacturing facility that serves our customers. David is an expert chemist in complex botanicals targeted at the cosmetic and medicinal markets. Prior to Protonify, David ran extraction labs focused on isolating molecules including beta-Thujaplicin, Methyl-Thujate, and Thujic Acid.

Mark Wacyk

Chief Strategy Officer

Responsible for the overall strategic vision of Protonify, Mark has been instrumental in defining new markets, driving revenue, building an investor base and establishing strategic marketing initiatives. Mark has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in Technology, Finance, Transportation and Cannabis, including as Co-Founder of Akara Corp., a venture-backed technology firm purchased by Ciena Corp. As an operator in the cannabis industry since 2018, Mark has a comprehensive understanding of global recreational and medicinal markets. Mark earned his B.Sc. (Computer Science) at McMaster and completed an MBA from the University of Ottawa.

Rob Berg

Vice President Business Development

Robert is a Co-Founder of Protonify with expertise in collaborating with customers to apply Protonify’s high purity cannabinoids to develop unique use cases and has been a driving force in applying Protonify ingredients to use cases including infused pre-rolls, beverages and concentrates.with 25+ years experience in agriculture and cannabis supply chains. Rob is a veteran security-cleared operator from the beginnings of the commercial cannabis industry and earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of Victoria.

Jeff Grogan

Vice President of Quality and Compliance

Since joining Protonify in 2019, Jeff has established Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs and is a key component of Protonify’s continuing global licensing and certification efforts. Jeff has 20+ years experience in building and managing high performance Quality Management programs as part of a 40 year career with Royal Canadian Air Force, where he served with distinction as a Certified Quality Manager and Lead Auditor. Jeff holds an Honours degree in Quality Management from the University of Manitoba.