Purity Matters

Protonify enables cannabis product formulators and manufacturers to safely and reliably build brand affinity and large-scale automation for consumer packaged goods containing THC and THCa.

Protonify Markets

Adult Use

Our highest purity (approaching 100%) botanical THCa / THC ingredients are applicable to a wide range of adult use products:

THCa Isolate Powder

  • Infused pre-rolls

  • Concentrates

  • THCa Diamonds

Pure THC Concentrate

  • Beverages & Edibles

  • Pure THC Dry Pill Tablets

  • Vapes, Topicals, Tinctures


Protonify cannabinoid ingredients meet and exceed the global standard for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) - a perfect fit for Bio-Pharma-quality products.


Protonify’s pure and stable THCa powder and THC concentrate ingredients can help to unlock drug research patents.

The Protonify Difference

Highest purity THC/THCa ingredients in the industry

Protonify botanical-based THCa/THC infusion ingredients approach 100% purity.

Our ingredients are non-synthetic, odorless, tasteless, and contain no residual solvents or impurities – the purest ingredients in the industry, and the perfect foundation for producing consistent Consumer Product Grade (CPG) and Pharmaceutical quality retail products.

Brand Affinity Opportunity

Protonify provides a unique set of ingredients with higher quality than existing impure distillate oils.

Protonify’s unique formulations can enhance existing SKUs, and create new differentiated product formulations. New products using pure ingredients deliver consistent high potency, taste, and user experience.

Seamless Integration into Manufacturing Processes

Protonify’s consistent, high purity ingredients integrate seamlessly into CPG/Bio-Pharma retail product manufacturing at scale.

Seamless integration enables efficiencies across the entire supply chain – continued accuracy as production batches grow larger; simple quality audits as required by Cannabis regulations; inventory control (powder much easier to track and handle); and automation using existing manufacturing equipment.

Ingredient Certainty

“Same ingredient each and every time” to meet GMP/ISO/HACCP manufacturing standards.

CPG and Pharmaceutical-grade retail products and drugs have existing GMP/ISO/HACCP manufacturing standards requiring consistently pure infusion material that fits seamlessly into traditional product formulation recipes and industrial-scale manufacturing processes. Protonify ingredients meet these standards, ensuring least downstream liability.

Precision Dosage

Purity levels approaching 100% make Protonify ingredients simple to precisely measure for active ingredient potency.

Precise dosing is consistent with regulatory compliance including accurate product labeling and packaging, enabling formulation flexibility for existing and new product SKUs. Users can consume cannabis products knowing the exact amount of active ingredients.

Product Stability

Protonify ingredients display an exceptionally long and stable shelf life, ensuring that retail products maintain their precisely-dosed potency as advertised without spoiling.

The purity and stability of Protonify ingredients offer regulated cannabis product manufacturers consistency and purity of input, which is key to ensuring product quality and consistent production output and end user outcomes.

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