Protonify Corporation is a privately-held Canadian Corporation. We are passionate about what we do and happy to share with our community and audience.

Protonify Media

Corporate Data Sheet

September 2022
Explore Protonify's high purity THC & THCa APIs approaching 100% purity

Corporate Presentation

October 2022
Request a copy of our corporate presentation.

Purity Matters

November 2022
Aimee O'Driscoll highlights the values of formulating with pure cannabinoid ingredients for industrial scale, CPG-grade cannabis-infused consumer products.

THCa Stability Report

November 2022
Report on stability of THCa material stored for 1 year under 25 C dry storage containment.

Truss Beverage Co. Selects Protonify as Supplier for THC-Infused Beverages

November 2022
Learn how high purity is significant to our customers.